Life at Miller Thomson

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Why Miller Thomson? Your fellow students and colleagues share their views.


Adam Kelner

2017 Summer Student, 2018-2019 Articling Student, London

Summering at Miller Thomson has provided me with the opportunity to experience a wide variety of legal practices.  Not only have I gained exposure to many different areas of law, but I have done so under the supervision of superb lawyers. Working under leaders in the legal industry has not only been a rewarding experience, but one that I feel has already contributed to my overall development as a lawyer.

From the moment I started in the office, I was entrusted with doing meaningful work on a number of files. I have attended discoveries, court proceedings, meetings with clients on a variety of subject matter, as well as drafted a variety of court and transactional documents. Miller Thomson has been everything that I hoped it would be when I accepted my offer, and I continue to be consistently challenged on a daily basis. This is truly a special firm, and I feel fortunate to be here every day.

Shawnee Monchalin

2017 Summer Student Intern, 2018 Summer Student, Vancouver

As a first year law student, Miller Thomson provided me with a background of vast practice areas such as Aboriginal law, real estate, securities, economic development, commercial litigation, etc. As a member of a national firm, there are so many resources available to you in order to learn and grow as a student and a professional and I am grateful to have an opportunity to explore them all.

My favourite part about the Vancouver office has been the people I get to work with every day. The mentorship between partners, associates, students and staff is truly invaluable. Their support has really pushed me to further my legal career in more ways than I expected of myself. I have accepted a summer position in the 2018 year solely because of the great experiences I have had this summer.

Desmond Christy

2017 Summer Student, 2018-2019 Articling Student, Toronto/Vaughan
Miller Thomson offered me exposure to various practice areas that enabled me to find my niche.  I was encouraged at the outset to seek work that interested and challenged me.  I was offered the support I needed to ensure that I succeeded in my practice.

The entrepreneurial spirit at Miller Thomson is unmatched, and the « open door » policy promotes learning in a team environment.

Oleg Stratiev

2017 Summer Student, 2018-2019 Articling Student, Montreal

My summer at Miller Thomson was an amazing experience. From the first week of my internship, I was involved in complex files, both in the Tax and Estate Planning Department. The whole time I worked closely with partners, benefiting from their professional and life advices. In addition, I was entrusted to go meet clients on my own, deal with fiscal authorities, and draft complex legal documents. For instance, I had the chance to manage a case from its beginning to the end, when I settled the case with the provincial fiscal authorities.  As a young law student, the learning curve is quite steep. However, every partner I worked with made sure that they have given me proper feedback so I can improve and contribute to the success of the firm.

I feel very proud of being at Miller Thomson and spending one summer confirmed what I already thought: Miller Thomson is different from other firms. The firm pushes you to be better, to challenge yourself, and to be proud of the work you have done. Both the expectations and the quality standards are high, but the reward you get at the end is worth it. Finally, the students I have met this summer became my friends, both at work and in my real life. We have all developed a lovely chemistry; a chemistry that encouraged us to help each other when needed.

Mark Puszczak

2017 Summer Student, 2018-2019 Articling Student, Edmonton

Following my first year of law school, working at Miller Thomson offered me an incredible opportunity to expand and apply my knowledge while doing meaningful legal work. Being a summer student in the Edmonton office enabled me to work with an incredible team of highly skilled and knowledgeable lawyers, legal assistants and other staff on a wide variety of different files from personal injury litigation to commercial real estate transactions. In doing so I have had the opportunity to do legal research and draft pleadings, as well as attend client meetings and court appearances.

What originally drew me to Miller Thomson is also a primary reason why this summer has been such an amazing experience for me and that is the people. The level of support, encouragement and camaraderie that I felt between the lawyers, my fellow students and staff fostered a very enjoyable work environment in which I felt valued and was encouraged to challenge myself on a daily basis.

Pritika Deepak

2016 Summer Student, 2017-2018 Articling Student, Toronto

The Articling Program at Miller Thomson has provided me not only with a strong foundation in legal training, but also with opportunities to work on challenging files with extended client interactions.

During the 10 month articling term, my work involved researching intricate legal issues, drafting agreements and attending client meetings. Having the opportunity to assist on transactions from their inception and following it through to fruition was extremely fulfilling as it offered a holistic view of the purpose and planning surrounding each step in a transaction. The firm encourages students to work independently while at the same time providing a highly supportive and collegial atmosphere, which is the perfect balance to help students thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. Working alongside exceptional lawyers and more specifically, outstanding teachers, established a platform for success. The accessible network of formal and informal mentors at the firm encouraged me to pursue my areas of interest and showed me that I was a valued and supported member of the Miller Thomson team.

Syed Rizvi

2018 Summer Student, Toronto

My summer term at Miller Thomson has been phenomenal. From the very beginning, everyone I met was invested in fostering my growth. This varied from involving me in client meetings, providing feedback and guidance on assignments, looping me in on the bigger picture of the file, or frequently checking in to see how things were going.

This investment in fostering my growth was complimented by the non-rotational student program and the mentorship at the firm. I was able to explore the various practice areas of the firm and take on work that was both challenging and rewarding. Naturally, this allowed me to get a better sense of practice areas that I enjoyed. The learning curve can be daunting going from law school to a full service firm. However, through frequent check-ins with my formal and informal mentors, I was able to receive crucial guidance and feedback that allowed me to accelerate my growth. The transition process was made seamless and enjoyable. I look forward to articling and continuing to grow as part of the Miller Thomson family.