The impact of destination traffic

5 août 2020 | Rachel Day, Cynthia P. Carels

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During the COVID-19 lockdowns, roadway traffic notably decreased. As early as March 2020, the need to drive to local destinations was reduced as organizations paused their operations, decreased their capacity or had staff work from home.

Destination Traffic

While Albertans may notice typical rush-hour traffic in cities is temporarily gone, it does not seem that highway traffic associated with destination travel has dipped in the same way. Despite the restrictions, Albertans have been flocking to destinations outside of cities for recreation and relaxation. For example, in mid-July, Sylvan Lake beachgoers overcrowded the town, setting off a broad spectrum of public health concerns.

Summer and Long Weekend Traffic Trends

Alberta releases traffic collision statistics annually. Year-over-year traffic trends are easy to spot. For example, collisions in rural areas are more likely to have fatalities than collisions in urban areas. Summer months like July and August often see a spike in impaired-driving-related collisions. Long weekends like Victoria Day, Canada Day, Labour Day and the August long weekend have histories of high collision-related fatalities.

Although traffic in city centers has thinned, travelers need to remain vigilant on the road (especially when leaving the city) because destination traffic remains busy. Driving outside cities on long weekends seems to still carry the relatively elevated risk it did before COVID-19. For more information regarding common causes of summertime accidents, please see our previous blog post.

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