Medical Revocation of Drivers’ Licenses

23 février 2015 | Cynthia P. Carels

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A 92 year old man’s driving in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly in Mayville, Wisconsin, is the latest viral video sensation to capture the world’s attention, as he hit 9 vehicles while trying to exit his stall.

This video has stirred up an online debate regarding the question of “how old is TOO old to drive?” This debate can quickly pit the young against the elderly in a battle of independence vs. public safety. It is a debate that is only expected to escalate in coming years.  In 2009, about 14% of Canadian drivers were senior citizens (aged 65 or older). That statistic is expected to double by 2019.   

In Alberta, medical fitness to drive remains a question that family physicians are largely responsible for answering. The aim is to keep Alberta’s roads safe, while balancing the needs of individuals for transportation.  If anyone is attempting to renew a Class 1,2 or 4 license (commercial vehicle), they MUST provide a medical report to Alberta Transportation.  

That said, even for a standard Class 5 license, it is mandatory for physical and medical conditions to be reported to Alberta Transportation, if they affect an individual’s ability to drive. The department relies on the medical standards prescribed by the Council of Motor Transport Administrators to determine an individual’s ability to drive. 

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, and suspect there was a medical reason behind the driver’s negligence, contact one of Miller Thomson’s personal injury lawyers to discuss your claim.  Our team knows how to put medical fitness to drive at issue, and will fight to obtain relevant medical records from defendant(s) if necessary.



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