Five Actions To Take When You Get Into A Motor Vehicle Accident

31 mai 2017 | Cynthia P. Carels

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Did you recently get into an accident? In this post, we explain 5 actions you can take to obtain benefits if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident.

1. Collect Information at the Scene of the Accident
The scene of an accident can be chaotic, so it is important to make safety your number one priority. Once the vehicles and occupants are secure, it is helpful to collect information including:

  1.  The license plate numbers of all vehicles involved;
  2. The insurance companies and policy numbers for all the vehicles;
  3. The names and contact information for all individuals involved;
  4. The names and contact information for any witnesses to the collision;
  5. Photographs of the scene, including any damage to the vehicles

2. Contact Your Own Insurance Company
Even if the collision was someone else’s fault, it is important to report the incident to your own insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance adjuster will set up a claim, and can work with the other insurers to deal with your property damage. If you have been injured, you may also be eligible for accident benefits through your own insurance company. Alberta residents will also have to fill out a Notice of Loss and Proof of Claim Form (AB-1).

3. Seek Medical Advice
When you have been involved in a traffic accident, report it to your doctor. If your doctor recommends treatment, your automobile insurance company will require medical confirmation on a Treatment Plan (AB-2 Form).

Print off this form before you go, so your doctor can fill it out at your appointment. You may have to pay your doctor’s fee for this service, so get a receipt, and ask your insurance company for reimbursement.

4. Take The Time You Need
If your doctor thinks you need to be off work, your insurance company will require confirmation of your disability, and how long you are expected to be away on The Claim for Disability Benefits Form (AB1-A).

5. Talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer
At Miller Thomson LLP, our accident injury lawyers deal with a full range of claims, from whiplash injuries to spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death claims. Whether your claim arose from a car accident, a truck accident, a motorcycle accident, or even an airplane, we can help.

While it is impossible to determine who the “best” personal injury lawyer is near you, Miller Thomson’s team is part of a national, full service law firm, with outstanding access to resources and strategic connections. Through our broad network of legal professionals across the country, we are uniquely positioned to bring claims in other jurisdictions, investigate complex liability questions, and connect with leading experts.

We also have established relationships with local clinics and therapists, to help our clients obtain timely access to diagnostic and rehab services. We know how to navigate the system, what pitfalls to watch for, and we can take over communications with the insurance companies to move your claim towards a fair settlement.

Our clients get the benefit of a large, national firm and all its resources – but at the same cost as a small boutique firm – because our contingency fee percentage is the same competitive amount as the others.

Contact us today for a free, no obligation, consultation regarding the benefits and compensation you may be entitled to claim.

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