Susan Manwaring comments on Ontario court ruling regarding political activities of charities

July 24, 2018 | Susan M. Manwaring | Toronto

The Narwhal, "The unmuzzling of Canadian charities"

The article discusses the Canadian Revenue Agency’s longstanding rule that limits the amount a Canadian charity can devote to political activities to 10% of its resources. An Ontario judge recently ruled this was infringement on the constitutional right to free expression.

Susan Manwaring, a lawyer who specializes in advising charities and non-profits, told The Narwhal the ruling is “very exciting for charities.”

Manwaring was a member of the expert panel set up by the Trudeau government to advise it on how to handle the political activities of charities, which recommended doing away with the restrictions, so long as a restriction on partisan politics remained.

“From that perspective, the decision is consistent with what the panel recommended,” Manwaring said.

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