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August 2018

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Donation of an Investment Account: The Quebec Court of Appeal confirms there is no need for a notarial deed of gift!

Troy McEachren

An ailing parent in the final days of her life wants to give an investment account to her children.   How should she do it? Does she need a notary or can she simply sign a piece of paper? While the...


Beneficial Interests in Discretionary Trusts and the Associated Corporations Rules; Moules Industriels v. The Queen

Stephen Sweeney

When two or more corporations are associated for the purposes of the associated corporation rules in section 256 of the Income Tax Act (the “Act”), those corporations are required to share a business limit and, consequently, eligibility for the small...


Recognizing and Understanding Undue Influence in Estate Planning

Matt Trotta

Undue influence is a troubling issue in estate planning as it is not always apparent to even the most experienced of lawyers when taking instructions from clients. The circumstances of influence are frequently not disclosed by a client, and the...


Greco v. Frano: Helping your adult child purchase a home

Alexandra Ormond

In today’s housing market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for first-time home buyers to afford to purchase a home. In a new report published by Royal LePage, home prices in Canada are expected to rise significantly in the second half...


Displaying 1-4 of 4