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June 9, 2022

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New PST for admission and entertainment charges in Saskatchewan: Businesses need to be prepared

Thomas Ghag

Going to see your favourite band play or sports team compete is about to cost more in Saskatchewan. With the release of the 2022-2023 Saskatchewan Provincial Budget, it was announced that the Province’s provincial sales tax (“PST”) would be expanded...


Short-term and taxable preferred shares: Think before you dividend

Raymond G. Adlington

Introduction Dividend sits among the group of the most pleasant words in the English language. The crescendo of the single letter syllable in the middle of the word creates a satisfying enunciation when spoken. The connotation of the receipt of...


Why online marketplaces and e-commerce businesses should review their Canadian sales tax obligations

Colleen Ma

Online marketplace platform operators and facilitators, and other e‑commerce businesses, that did not have Canadian sales tax obligations when they first started operations may now find that they are required to register for, and collect, Canadian sales tax in one...


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