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July 30, 2019

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Updates to the Canada Elections Act: Impact on Non-Profits and Charities

Susan M. Manwaring, Gwenyth Stadig

Recent amendments to the Canada Elections Act (the “Elections Act”) came into force and effect on June 13, 2019. This article summarizes these significant changes and how they impact non-profit organizations and registered charities. Readers will recall that 2018 brought...


Donors Sue for Losing Millions in their Donor Advised Fund: What both Donors and Charities can learn from Fairbairn v. Fidelity Investments Charitable Fund

Troy McEachren

Fundraising in today’s competitive environment can lead to increased pressure on fundraisers who make promises that cannot be kept. These broken promises can lead to serious litigation and reputational damage. A case presently before the courts in California provides a...


What’s Happening

Robert B. Hayhoe, Jordyn Allan, Susan M. Manwaring

Robert Hayhoe and Jordyn Allan prepared an article entitled:  “Cultural Property Eligibility Clarified by FCA and Parliament”, which was published in the Canadian Tax Highlights, July 2019 issue. Robert Hayhoe and Susan Manwaring were ranked in the L’expert Guide to...


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