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November 2016

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Barbara Zeller

Sometimes, the unexpected can occur. Someone gets sick, a big contract falls through, or renovations of a new space go awry – for whatever reason, a tenant may find itself unable to vacate its premises on the termination date of...


The Exclusive on “Exclusive Use” Clauses in Quebec

Stuart Chaimberg

Introduction In the Province of Quebec, as in the rest of Canada, tenants are always looking to protect their market and ensure their success. One of the techniques frequently employed to accomplish the above goals is the use of “exclusive...


Proposed Amendments to the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation

Sharon MacMillan, Alizée Bilbey

Following a year of consultation with various stakeholders, the BC Ministry of Environment (“MOE”) has released a series of omnibus documents (the “Stage 10 Amendments”) regarding proposed updates to the BC Contaminated Sites Regulation (“CSR”). The Stage 10 Amendments are...


On the Horizon: Landlord Licensing in Toronto

Chris Newbert

Landlords in Toronto take note: the new year may bring with it a new scheme of landlord licensing applicable to approximately 3,300 rental buildings in the City. The controversial framework for a multi-residential rental property licence was debated and approved...


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