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April 9, 2020

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COVID-19: A relief resource for commercial tenants and landlords across Canada

Catherine (Cathie) Brayley, Maxime Chabot, Katlyn Cooper, Nizar Dahrouge, Claire R. Durocher, Lisa Goodfellow, Hodson Harding, Shetal Jas, Savvas Kotsopoulos, Lesley Kim, Colleen Ma, Troy McEachren, Tara Piurko, Kayla Romanow, Joshua I. Selby, Kelly Starrak, Manjit Singh, Stephanie Tassopoulos, Julia Thielmann

Miller Thomson LLP recognises this is an unprecedented time and we continue to be committed to the well-being and sustainability of our clients. The government and various other institutions have implemented a number of measures aimed at providing economic relief...


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