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May 2011

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Due Diligence in Buying Residential Property – Beware Leaking Oil Tanks

Charles W. Bois, Sarah D. Hansen

For most of us in today’s age of natural gas and electricity, we don’t often think about the implications of home heating oil tanks and the contamination that they can cause to residential properties.  For those who have bought or...


Berendsen v. Ontario

Brian P. Kaliel

Bernard Berendsen, Maria Berendsen, and their children sued her Majesty the Queen in Right of Ontario for losses sustained by their dairy farm operations as a result of contamination of their water supply by toxic road fill.  The previous land...


Can Title Insurance Protect You from Environmental Defects?

Tamara Farber

Sometimes, looking at US case law can provide a real pick me up for how well we do things in Canada. But you have to give the Americans credit for attempted ingenuity – after all, that’s what gives us such...


Record Seizure of an Ozone-Depleting Substance

Luc Gratton, Julien Morier

On March 7, 2011, Environment Canada announced in a press release that it had made a record seizure of approximately 120,000 kg of an illegally imported substance worth over 1 million dollars. The substance in question is a strictly regulated gas known...


Climate Change Legislation & Transportation Transformation

Introduction The Minister of Finance for British Columbia introduced a consumer based carbon tax on July 1, 2008, which was one of the first substantial carbon taxes in North America.  While it is expected that carbon regulations will be introduced...


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