Wendi Crowe quoted in BNN Bloomberg article on will and estate planning as part of a New Year financial review

January 13, 2022 | Wendi P. Crowe | Edmonton

BNN Bloomberg, "New year financial review should include will, estate planning"

Wendi Crowe was quoted in a BNN Bloomberg article on reviewing will and estate planning in the New Year:

Lawyer Wendi Crowe says you don’t need to update your will every year, but she says to have a read through it once a year to see if there are any changes you might need to make.

“You know the initial process of thinking about estate planning and putting something in place should be done with a whole lot of flexibility in mind so you don’t have to change it every two weeks or every six months,” says Crowe, who leads the national private client services group at Miller Thomson.

“But the fact is that you know you can’t think of everything that might happen and you do need to update to let your plan serve you.”

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