Pia Hundal quoted in the Toronto Star on proposed law on digital wills

November 23, 2021 | Pia Hundal | Toronto

Toronto Star, “Proposed law on digital wills doesn’t go far enough, some legal groups say”

Pia Hundal was quoted in this article on the proposed law permanently allowing for wills to be virtually witnessed:

Several U.S. states, Britain and Australia have either passed laws allowing digital wills or are considering them. In Canada, British Columbia passed legislation to permit digital wills last year and the new rules are expected to come into effect in the coming months.  Pia Hundal, an estates law partner at Miller Thomson LLP, said this gives Ontario the opportunity to watch what happens with digital wills in other jurisdictions before making a major change.

“I think it’s prudent for our government to at least see how that plays out before going full steam ahead with it here,” Hundal said, adding, “The risk with electronic wills, I think, is quite big.”

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