Pia Hundal quoted in Law Times article on proposed estates law changes

February 22, 2021 | Pia Hundal | Toronto

Law Times, "Proposed estates law changes will create convenience and more litigation, say lawyers"

Pia Hundal was quoted in this article on proposed estates law changes:

The remote signing and witnessing of wills and powers of attorney was allowed temporarily through and emergency Order in Council to accommodate COVID restrictions. Practitioners and clients will welcome the measure’s permanence and likely make use of it, pandemic or no pandemic, says Pia Hundal, an estate and trust litigator at Miller Thomson LLP. After a year of performing these tasks remotely, Hundal says “really good” best practices have been developed.

“We don’t know how long COVID is going to stay with us. And I think even after everyone’s vaccinated, and we all move forward from this, people will want to do things via videoconference,” Hundal says.

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