Jennifer Bishop quoted in The Globe and Mail article on Tennis Canada’s initative to address the gender gap

May 31, 2021 | Jennifer Bishop | Toronto

The Globe and Mail, "Tennis Canada aiming to serve an ace against the sport’s gender gap"

“This is truly the biggest initiative of this kind that we have ever taken on,” Jennifer Bishop, chair of the board of Tennis Canada, said in an interview with The Globe and Mail last week.

As part of the launch, the organization is publicly acknowledging the gender gaps in its own sport, such as the fact that only about 30 per cent of certified coaches in Canada are female, with that figure being even lower in the more senior ranks. “I think Step 1 is admitting we have a gap, and not to come up with creative ways to say that we don’t,” Bishop said. “We have a gap. We are being transparent about that. We’re talking about that, we are publishing that, we want to be held accountable for that.”

To that end, the program hopes to improve what Tennis Canada refers to as the “participation pipeline,” encouraging more young girls to be attracted to the sport and staying in it, and spurring women to pursue senior positions in coaching and instruction. It also aims to establish succession planning in senior and key roles that would prioritize gender balance.

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