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Episode 5: Resuming Health Services Amid COVID-19

June 30, 2020 | Karima Kanani, Kristen Vandenberg

Listen to Episode 5 of Morning Commute with Miller Thomson. Miller Thomson's Health Industry lawyers discuss issues that health care providers in Ontario will need to consider as they resume services.


Episode 4: Re-Opening Your Business – Key Considerations in Returning Your Employees to Work

May 25, 2020 | Inna Koldorf, Stephen M. Torscher, Claudia Desjardins Belisle, Katie Comley

Listen to Episode 4 of Morning Commute with Miller Thomson. Miller Thomson's Labour & Employment team discusses key takeaways for businesses and organizations preparing the workplace for returning employees.


Episode 3: Mediating in the Times of COVID-19 and Beyond – Perspectives of the Miller Thomson Environmental Law Group

May 5, 2020 | Tamara Farber, Bryan J. Buttigieg, Nahla Khouri

Listen to Episode 3 of Morning Commute with Miller Thomson. In this episode, we share tips and insights on how to be an effective advocate in online mediation.


Episode 2: Construction Dirt – Where Does It Go and Who Regulates It

February 24, 2020 | Tamara Farber, John R. Tidball

Listen to Episode 2 of Morning Commute with Miller Thomson. This Environmental episode examines the issues of excess soil and waste from construction projects in Ontario.


Episode 1: Critical Communications in Workplace Investigations

January 20, 2020 | Nafisah Chowdhury, Gita Anand

Listen to Episode 1 of Morning Commute with Miller Thomson. This episode of Labour & Employment delves into issues surrounding harassment complaints and workplace investigations.


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