Miller Thomson’s Procurement Group comprises a team of professionals across Canada with in-depth knowledge and experience to assist with any stage of the procurement process.  Our clients include federal, provincial and municipal government entities, broader public sector organizations, domestic and international private sector corporations, and contractors, for whom we provide legal advice on all aspects of the procurement process from the planning stages to bid evaluation, bid submission, bid award and contract negotiation.  We also help untangle problems that can arise when things go awry.

Since Ron Engineering was decided in 1981, procurement has evolved into a complex process within the construction sector and almost anywhere else procurement is undertaken.  Layered on top of the myriad cases that have been decided since 1981, are various legislated requirements, such as the Broader Public Sector Procurement Directive in Ontario, all of which need to be considered when undertaking or responding to a procurement.  Procurement can be a minefield and can result in serious consequences – for both owners and bidders. Engaging our  lawyers from the beginning stages of a procurement process will ensure that the procurement risks are managed and that any unique legal aspects of the procurement process are addressed.

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