Information Technology


A company’s information technology operations are an ongoing management concern. After all, the pervasive use of technology in the workplace today affects virtually every aspect of a business’ operations. Whether your business requires guidance on day-to-day issues, special or ongoing projects, or identifying problem areas related to your technology operations, Miller Thomson’s Information Technology Group can help. Our lawyers have advised public and private businesses from a variety of industries and all levels of governments on their key technology issues and challenges.

Our Information Technology Group can assist businesses with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Agreements: We advise on, draft and review agreements in every area of information technology, including business process and cloud services outsourcing, hardware and systems purchases, embedded systems and firmware, telecommunications and network services, licensing, new media and content, Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service and Infrastructure-as-a-Service and other emerging business and licensing models, and professional and consulting services such as data hosting, processing and conversion, training, implementation, call centre operations, help desk and other support services.

  • IT Licensing: We provide guidance on all aspects of licensing, including drafting and reviewing agreements, choosing licensing models and recommending alternatives, object code, open source and source code licensing, choosing the most appropriate licensing model, complying with export restrictions, structuring appropriate support and service level agreements, managing ownership and rights to sue intellectual property rights between parties, and assisting in dispute resolution and litigation related to licenses.

  • IT Outsourcing, Cloud Services and Procurement: Our lawyers provide guidance on the selection of a vendor, negotiation of the agreement, management of legal issues during the course of the project, termination or expiration of the agreement and transitioning to a new provider.

  • Online Presence: Our Group advises on establishing, maintaining and enhancing an online presence, managing ecommerce, website and social media legal issues, managing user-generated content, managing the use of the Internet in the workplace, drafting and reviewing online agreements, addressing privacy, information security and cybersecurity concerns in relation to websites, networks and software, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations, dealing with disputes involving the Internet, including domain name issues, cyber-stalking, defamation, hacking, security breaches, crisis management and allegations of infringement related to intellectual property rights.

  • Network Services: We advise on the acquisition of telecommunications circuits, wireless services, network monitoring services, network security services, hosting, co-hosting and collocation services and traditional or voice-over-IP telephone systems. We also develop acceptable use policies and agreements for the provision of network and hosting services.

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