Environmental Law


Canadian and multinational businesses must navigate Canada’s environmental laws and regulations, which evolve constantly and vary from province to province. Miller Thomson’s Environmental Law Group is your trusted partner when it comes to managing environmental risk, including undertaking environmental due diligence, ensuring environmental regulatory compliance, preventing and defending against regulatory prosecutions, pursuing or defending environmental civil claims, structuring transactions involving environmental risk, and keeping up with this fast-moving area of the law.

Our lawyers include legal planners, negotiators, former regulators, and advocates who have the expertise that comes with deep experience and an understanding of the complex issues that face corporate decision makers, lenders, and regulators.

Environmental issues don’t stop at borders—neither do we

We have lawyers across Canada with expert knowledge and a high level of scientific literacy to guide you through the issues and regulations in multiple jurisdictions, nationally and internationally. We work with clients in waste management, petrochemicals, pulp and paper, mining, land development and brownfield redevelopment, energy projects and other leading Canadian industries to provide timely legal advice on all environmental aspects of their businesses.

Your guide through the changing regulatory environment

From assisting in structuring and understanding deals with environmental risks and environmental due diligence to protecting your rights in civil environmental claims, or complying with, defending against, or appealing orders from regulators, we partner with you to take care of your environmental and regulatory compliance needs. It can be difficult to navigate the constantly changing environmental regulations in Canada and international environmental laws and regulations. That’s why it is important to have legal representation that understands the broad regulatory landscape, and can provide sound guidance to help organizations successfully achieve their goals. We negotiate with regulators on behalf of our clients to produce positive results. Our practical and efficient approach to resolving regulatory issues helps you get on with your business.

We don’t just scratch the surface—we dig deeper

Potential environmental problems are often not visible at first glance. We help you dig below the surface to uncover issues before they affect your business. Our Environmental Law team has extensive experience with contaminated real property and environmental claims. We are leaders in evaluating environmental risk. Miller Thomson provides advice to real estate developers, property managers, lenders, insurers, and businesses in a wide range of regulated industries, among others.

We can help you with these areas of environmental law and more:

  • Advocacy before administrative environmental tribunals
  • Contaminated land/brownfield redevelopment
  • Land acquisitions, development and sale
  • Transactional environmental due diligence
  • Climate Change – emissions regulation advice
  • Defence of environmental and related prosecutions
  • Directors and Officers liability
  • Electricity storage projects
  • Emission control and abatement (GHG, CO2e)
  • Environmental approvals
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental civil litigation
  • Environmental compliance
  • Environmental liabilities in bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Estate issues involving contamination or environmental disputes
  • Indigenous resource disputes
  • Insurance
  • Insolvency related to environmental matters
  • Legislative drafting and interpretation
  • Nuisance-type claims (e.g. odour, noise, dust)
  • Permitting of all kinds, including those required for major projects
  • Renewable energy projects
  • Waste management and rights
  • Water and sewage servicing
  • Wetlands issues

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