Class Actions


Class action lawsuits are complex, often multijurisdictional cases that can create legal and liability concerns, financial exposure, and business risk for defendants over a lengthy period of time. Miller Thomson’s class actions lawyers have the depth of expertise and experience to guide you through and vigorously defend your case. Our team will help you reach a superior resolution efficiently, either at trial or by way of settlement.

When your company is named in class action litigation, there is no time to waste. Our lawyers will take prompt and strategic action throughout, beginning at the pre-certification stage, where we have had great success in defeating or settling class actions well before trial. Our crisis and reputation management expertise will help to protect your business throughout the process.

Our 12 offices across Canada take a nationally integrated and collaborative approach to defending multijurisdictional or national class actions. Our lawyers have an in-depth understanding of precedents across Canada and the United States, coupled with decades of collective first-hand experience in both common law and civil law jurisdictions.

Our team has successfully represented a wide range of defendants before the Supreme Court of Canada and at all levels of provincial and federal courts, including from the construction, airline, energy, pharmaceutical, digital currency, oil and gas, banking, securities and electronics industries. We also represent government entities and non-profits in class action proceedings.

Miller Thomson’s strong presence in many of Canada’s leading industries gives us the breadth of expertise and experience to defend class actions in all substantive areas of law, including:

  • Competition / Antitrust
  • Consumer products
  • Consumer protection
  • Employers /Employees
  • Environmental
  • Financial products and services
  • Franchises
  • Mass torts
  • Medical products and services
  • Privacy and data breaches
  • Product liability
  • Securities
  • Telecommunications

Our well-coordinated and dedicated team will take care of your needs throughout this process. Furthermore, our efficient Legal Project Management (LPM) system will ensure that your case is well organized and properly resourced, communications are regular and timely, and the budget is transparent.

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