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Myron Mallia-Dare speaks with Quantexa’s Chief Product Officer and Co-founder on a recent episode of the Canadian RegTech Association’s podcast

RegTech Roundup, “Founder Series – Quantexa” On the latest episode of the Canadian RegTech Association’s podcast, Myron sat down with Alexon Bell, Chief Product Officer and Co-founder of Quantexa who recently closed its $153 million Series D round. Myron and...


Stocked up: How startups and emerging companies can effectively utilize options to attract and retain talent

One of the most valuable assets for any company is its employees, key service providers and advisors. This is particularly true for startups and emerging companies. A talented and dedicated team is essential to a company’s growth and scaling its...


Myron Mallia-Dare leads a discussion on Quantum Computing in an episode of the Canadian RegTech Association’s podcast

RegTech Round-Up, "Quantum Computing 101"

Myron Mallia-Dare leads discussion on Quantum Computing and its application for regulated industries such as the financial services industry on a recent episode of the Canadian RegTech Association’s podcast. He is joined by Richard Moulds, the General Manager of Amazon...


Product Liability and AI: Who’s Really at Fault?

Legal Business World, World Legal Summit Special Edition, p. 82 - 84

The article focuses on the liability implications for artificial intelligence solutions and strategies to mitigate this risk. Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are becoming ever-present in our society. We see Chat-bots deployed to communicate with clients and autonomous vehicles (AVs) utilized...


Myron Mallia-Dare quoted in CBA article on the impact of artificial intelligence and automation on the legal industry

CBA/ABC National, "Between fear and hype"

As yesterday’s science fiction quickly becomes today’s reality, society is left struggling with the practical applications of the new tools and possibilities. Given the disruption already witnessed in other sectors, the question that inevitably surfaces is how much tools based...


Artificial Intelligence Revolution and the Insurance Industry

The information revolution has had an undeniable impact on society, as did the industrial revolution before it.  Now artificial intelligence is poised to be the next revolution that will have an immense impact on our society from our personal lives...


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