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Tracey Bailey discusses COVID-19 and the rule of law

The Rule of Law Matters Podcast, “Season 1, episode 7, COVID-19 and the rule of law, Part 2”

Tracey Bailey speaks on The Rule of Law Matters Podcast. She walks through some of the differences in legislation in BC and Alberta as it relates to emergency powers and explained the relationship between the medical officer and government officials....


Expert evidence – Independence and Impartiality: A Quebec perspective

Canadian Property Tax Association Inc

The expert’s duty of impartiality and independence is well established in Quebec. In fact, the independence and impartiality of an expert are cornerstones in the assessment by the Court of the probative value of expert evidence: “It is clearly established...


Winning for the Carrier: Avoiding the Palm Tree (Again)

The Canadian Transport Lawyers' Association Annual Convention


To Litigate or Not to Litigate? Practical Pointers to Pursuing Litigation

It's Personal (Preserving Wealth for People and Private Companies), Thomson Reuters Carswell, Vol. 6, Iss. 2


Making Your Case Before an Administrative Tribunal

CBA Skilled Lawyer Series III


Is Sunlight Always the Best Disinfectant?

Its Personal (Preserving Wealth for People and Private Companies),(Volume 5, Issue 2), Thomson Reuters Carswell, May 2012, Volume 5, Issue 2

Practical challenges to the judicial interpretation of Canada’s ‘Access to Information’ laws.


Climate Change Legislation & Transportation Transformation

The Transportation Lawyer

Read the article.


Legal Road Map for Carriers, Shippers and Others

CITT National Symposium for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals

CITT Reposition 2010, (CITT National Symposium, October 27-29, 2010)


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COVID-19 Resources

We have written on a variety of topics to help identify the pertinent issues, understand the legal implications, minimize risk exposure and manage legal obligations.


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