Wayne Logan, an experienced Intellectual Property specialist, leads the firm’s focused area of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contract.  He is also co-leader working in the areas of Entertainment and Media law. When you have a question about the blockchain, entertainment and media industries, you can trust Wayne has the answer, or can get it and he will be happy to share it with you.   Wayne knows how to support and work with the genius that drives entrepreneurs, software developers, musicians, authors, athletes and celebrities to excel.  Wayne’s passion and creativity is what fuels his drive to continuously advance his clients’ careers and business plans.

As an accomplished musician, Wayne has been working in the entertainment industry all of his life.  He is also the founder of several successful startups, including an award-winning tech company.  Wayne has helped many companies to successfully raise the venture capital they require.

Key services:

Blockchain Technology: The growing impact of blockchain technology on the global entertainment and media economy has led Wayne to do the deep dive into Distributed Ledger Technology (“DLT”).  Wayne understands the many advantages DLT offers such as fast royalty distribution, accurate author and owner identification and a time stamp with the ability to detect improper copyright or modification of that content.  Wayne believes that blockchain technology systems are poised to revolutionize many aspects of social and business operations and he is actively assisting many DLT clients.  The beginning point is to accurately draft the contract terms which are ultimately programmable. Wayne offers clients a strategic focus on the DLT “Chain of Title”.

Entertainment and Sports Law:  Wayne advises authors, actors, adventurers, athletes, celebrities, broadcast and radio talent on their contracts, media, publishing deals, endorsements, sponsorships, branding, merchandise, and social media presence.  He is proudly the lawyer for the Canadian Country Music Association and many of their member musicians.

Intellectual Property: A registered trademark agent for 28 years, Wayne understands what is required for a “work” to be original, be it software, an invention, a masterpiece, music, or a potential patent.  Wayne assists clients with identifying their intellectual property assets and then ensuring they are properly owned, registered, licensed, and commercialized.

Venture Capital:  Wayne understands the intricacies of raising the money required to achieve a client’s business or career plan.  As an experienced corporate and IP lawyer, Wayne knows how to structure corporate articles and founder shares in order to develop the best possible term sheet and pitch deck and close the financing.  Wayne is well networked in the Canadian venture capital industry.

Wayne frequently speaks on blockchain, publishing, copyright, trademarks, patents, venture capital and the importance of tracking and commercializing social media hits to industry groups and students. Wayne has proudly supported celebrities, entrepreneurs, Olympians, Hall of Famers, musicians, and authors in achieving their goals for over 30 years.

In today’s business world, assisting clients with their legal work at a distance can bring up some unique challenges due to working across multiple time zones, information and asset gathering, and the drafting and approval process.  Wayne excels at working long distance with clients as Miller Thomson has the technology and team work to effectively bridge the distance.

Wayne readily acknowledges that being the lawyer for Gordie and Colleen Howe for 16 years propelled his legal career which led to working with many Hockey Hall of Famers and Olympians.

Wayne is a founder of two successful startups:  ProREP (1987-2004) an NHL Players Association Agency and Enthrill (2012-2016), an ebook distribution system,  Wayne knows how to structure and plan a new business from startup to traction and exit.