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When is a “bridge” not a “road”?: The application of The Builders’ Lien Act to overpass projects

The Saskatchewan Court of Appeal recently upheld[1] the decision of the Queen’s Bench (“QB”) in PCL Construction Management Inc. v Saskatoon (City).[2] This case is instructive on when The Builders’ Lien Act (“BLA”) will apply to road construction projects –...


Managing the Many Faces of Cyber-Attacks: Lessons for the construction industry

Think BIG Magazine, 45-47

Imagine your company is part of a large infrastructure project with a host of suppliers, customers, as well as government participation and considerable public media attention. Now imagine that one morning you were told by one of your staff that...


Prompt Payment Passes

Contractors and subcontractors in Saskatchewan, whether involved in construction, mining, or other infrastructure projects, can rest a little easier when it comes to receiving timely payment on construction projects. On May 2, 2019, Bill 152 The Builders’ Lien (Prompt Payment)...


Prompt payment in Saskatchewan and Ontario: Information you may not be aware of

Ontario In 2015, the Ontario government launched an independent review of Ontario’s construction laws resulting in a report entitled Striking the Balance – Expert Review of Ontario’s Construction Lien Act. Based on the recommendations in that report, Ontario amended, and...


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Législation visant à accélérer le versement des paiements dans le cadre de projets de construction en Ontario et en Saskatchewan

Ontario En 2015, le gouvernement de l’Ontario a procédé à un examen indépendant des lois de la construction de l’Ontario. À la suite de cet examen, un rapport intitulé Établir un juste équilibre – Rapport de l’Examen d’experts de la Loi...


Prompt Payment Legislation For Construction Projects in Saskatchewan Introduced

Bill No. 152 An Act to amend The Builders’ Lien Act (the Bill) was brought forward by the Saskatchewan government on November 20, 2018. The Bill is expected to get a 2nd reading soon and should be finalized in the...


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