Tracey M. Bailey, Q.C. has over 30 years experience in providing legal, legislative, policy and strategic advice on a wide range of issues in health law.

Tracey advises public and private health system and health professional clients on a wide range of health law matters, with a particular focus on regulatory, strategic and risk management advice, as well as strategic advice related to government relations in the health area. Her practice includes representing clients, including health authorities and health professionals, in professional regulatory or medical staff appointment matters.

She works with clients towards practical solutions to their legal issues and assists them in navigating Canada’s complex health regulatory framework in a way that will best achieve their aims. Tracey’s previous experience in both private and public practice, as well as law and policy reform work in a practically-applied academic setting, informs her work. Her past experience includes acting as Corporate Counsel for a Ministry of Health and as a senior legal advisor for government, providing advice on numerous complex issues to senior officials, and advising on legislative amendments. It also includes opinion and litigation experience for a large national firm.