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Saskatchewan’s PPSA Amendments: Changes to the Rules for Serial Number Goods

Late in 2018, the Saskatchewan Legislature introduced Bill 151, which amends The Personal Property Security Act, 1993 (Saskatchewan) (the PPSA).  To inform you about the upcoming changes and how they may impact you, our Saskatchewan Financial Services team have been tracking the progress...


New Saskatchewan Prompt Payment Legislation For Construction Projects: How Will it Impact Lenders?

Following the lead of Ontario, Saskatchewan has introduced amendments to The Builders’ Lien Act to provide for a “prompt payments” regime.  Although the amendments are aimed at the timing and process for payment of invoices as between owners, developers, contractors...


Proposed Changes to Saskatchewan Farm Land Ownership Restrictions To Tighten – How Far Do They Go?

Over the past few years, it has become progressively more difficult for foreign individuals and entities to invest in farmland in Saskatchewan, whether directly via ownership of land, or by lending to those who will be the owners, a topic...


Saskatchewan Skyline Looks Bleak for Foreign Farmland Investors

Farm land values have continued to appreciate in Saskatchewan and foreign investors have been looking for avenues to participate in that growth. The roadblock facing them is The Saskatchewan Farm Security Act (the “Act”), which limits how much Saskatchewan farm...