Bob Anderson is a corporate and commercial lawyer with over 30 years of legal experience. Bob provides down-to-earth representation to many owner-managed companies as well as individual clients. Bob’s practice covers a wide range of areas including agriculture and food production, corporate and commercial management, share and asset mergers and acquisitions, personal and corporate banking, financial services, and real estate.

Bob continues to provide part time in-house legal services to the Nilsson Bros. group of companies, while also building and maintaining his practice with Miller Thomson.

Corporate and commercial: Bob provides a full range of corporate legal advice and services including restructuring, small business startups, mergers, acquisitions, financing, and general corporate governance.

Real estate and commercial transactions:  Bob has developed considerable expertise in the agricultural sector, focusing on acquisitions, reorganizations, cattle and equipment financing, and mergers.  He also has extensive expertise in the food and beverage sector and provides Canadian counsel to one of Canada’s largest meat processors.

Practiced with Corbett & Company until 2009

Full time in-house Counsel with Nilsson Bros. Inc., 2009-2012