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Changes to Health Canada Licensing Application Requirements

Modifications to Health Canada’s licensing application requirements represent a significant new burden to hopeful license applicants. On May 8, 2019, Health Canada issued a statement identifying significant changes to the Federal cannabis licensing process. While a significant number of licenses...


Why You Need Powers of Attorney

Robert Graham is interviewed by Better Farming in the article “Why You Need Powers of Attorney”.


Restricted Farm Losses: The Plight of the Part-Time Farmer

Introduction Not just anyone can become a farmer; yet many Canadians aspire to transfer from their existing occupation into farming. The challenge with said aspiration is that starting up a farm business is difficult, and though the federal government provides...


Rectification is not Equity’s Version of a “Mulligan” – Words to Heed After Fairmont and Coutu

Introduction In Canada’s common law jurisdiction, rectification has historically been a powerful equitable remedy which, if granted, enables applicants to “travel back through time” to correct the documentary basis of transactions that have resulted in unintended detrimental tax or other...