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Landlords and tenants: Navigating leasehold interests, liens and the Construction Act

Changes to the Construction Act (formerly the Construction Lien Act) (the “Act”) include new provisions, which: expose a landlord’s interests in premises to liens arising from a tenant’s work where a landlord and tenant agree in a lease or any...


Know Where You Stand: Priorities Under the Ontario Construction Act

In 2016, the Ontario government released Striking the Balance: Expert Review of Ontario’s Construction Lien Act, which proposed substantive changes to Ontario’s construction legislation. Ontario adopted the majority of the review’s proposed amendments and Ontario’s Construction Lien Act has since...


Changes to the Ontario Construction Act – What Lenders Need to Know

The first wave of changes to Ontario’s Construction Lien Act (now called the Construction Act) (the “Act”) came into force on July 1, 2018. Lenders in the construction industry should be aware of the Act’s new provisions, which, amongst other...