Lorraine Rinas is a Litigation Paralegal in Miller Thomson LLP’s Edmonton office. Lorraine brings to the Firm a broad range of experience and knowledge in civil litigation including construction law, product liability, and personal injury matters. Lorraine is highly efficient and has extensive knowledge in the application of rules of civil procedure. She is responsible for the preparation and assembly of legal documents, document management, document analysis, and trial preparation in medium to complex litigation matters.

Lorraine has expertise in document management and broad knowledge of and experience with e-discovery. She reviews and analyzes large volumes of documentary evidence and prepares and manages all of the evidence in each case. Her past work experience includes managing and displaying evidentiary documents during an extensive electronic trial. Lorraine’s past employment includes working with the federal government. She has been working in the legal field since 1985. Lorraine is a dedicated professional who strives to provide the highest quality of service to clients.