Joanne Biron has been practicing exclusively in Family Law since 1981.

Her clientele is composed mainly of local and international business people and professionals whom she represents before all levels of courts.

She is known for her thoroughness and her ability to solve the most complex legal issues in her field.

She has the necessary knowledge when the financial structures involved in a case are complicated and include trusts, management companies and a number of related companies.

She has been involved in complex cases dealing with important financial aspects and raising issues of private international law.

Her expertise extends to all matters relating to Family Law, including divorce, legal separation and separation of common law spouses.

Her practice touches on many significant aspects including the division of marital property, alimony (lump sum) payable to spouses and children, child custody issues and debates arising out of suspect parental capacity or dealing with the special needs of children, the abduction or removal of children abroad or between jurisdictions, issues of unjust enrichment between common law spouses, compensatory allowance between spouses, division of family patrimony and relevant deductions as well as the matrimonial regime of the spouses, preparation of particular and specific clauses in marriage contracts and drafting of common law spouses’ contracts.

She has assisted and advised clients and pleaded on their behalf before the Superior Court of Quebec and the Court of Appeal of Quebec on a regular basis regarding major debates and cases. Recently, she successfully represented a client before the Supreme Court of Canada in the Association de médiation familiale du Québec v. Bouvier decision, a case dealing with the scope of confidentiality in the family mediation process.

With 40 years of experience and expertise in family law, she has added the role of accredited family law mediator to the range of services she offers. She can thus help spouses and ex-spouses negotiate and settle the consequences of their separation to their satisfaction and agree on terms and conditions that respond to the inevitable changes that occur following their separation.

For several years, she has also been providing legal training to clients and various professionals on Family Law issues.