James Manson is an experienced commercial litigator specializing in maritime and transportation matters. He has represented clients in the courts of many Canadian jurisdictions including Ontario (all levels), British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Alberta and in the Federal Court.

Creative, curious and a consummate advocate, James recognizes that every client is unique and requires a tailored solution that fits their precise circumstances and goals.

In addition to providing sound legal and strategic advice, James also understands that at their core, legal disputes are complex human interactions. With that in mind, he strives to uncover the human element at play in each case, and to use that knowledge to his clients' ultimate advantage.

James’s practice focuses on all aspects of the dispute resolution process, from formal court proceedings and arbitrations to administrative tribunal matters, to mediations and informal settlement negotiations. James brings considerable litigation experience to bear in the following areas:

  • Maritime: acting for shippers, carriers and other interests in all matters relating to admiralty and maritime law, including cargo disputes, property damage and casualty matters, collisions, limitation of liability proceedings, contract disputes, maritime lien disputes and others
  • Transportation & Logistics: representing clients in all modes of transportation (shippers, road and rail carriers, freight forwarders and others) in matters relating to the transportation and logistics industry, including contract disputes, negligence claims, limitation of liability issues, cargo claims, lien claims and others
  • Warehousing: acting for warehousers and storers in connection with contract and negligence disputes, storer’s lien disputes and other issues
  • Insurance Coverage & Defence: acting for clients in matters relating to all types of insurance coverage and defence
  • Commercial Litigation: acting in relation to contract, negligence and other disputes in a wide range of areas

James was recently elected director of both the Canadian Maritime Law Association and the Canadian Transport Lawyers Association.

An experienced writer and public speaker, James is regularly called upon to prepare articles for and give presentations to industry and professional associations in the marine and transportation spheres.