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Inna Koldorf quoted in The Lawyer’s Daily article on digital self-auditing tool

The Lawyer's Daily, "Ontario introduces digital self-auditing tool to monitor compliance with ESA"

In its “commitment to a modern, efficient government,” Ontario has introduced a digital self-audit tool to replace paper audits done by employment standards officers (ESOs) on companies’ compliance with the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Labour and employment lawyers say they believe this...


Domestic Violence in the Workplace

CDA Essentials, Issue 1, 22 - 26

Over the past month, you’ve noticed a change in one of the assistants who works at your practice. Usually, Janine is a friendly and engaging with the patients, but lately she seems more withdrawn. Her work ethic remains strong, but...


Inna Koldorf quoted in The Lawyer’s Daily article on harassment in the workplace

The Lawyer's Daily, "Engage employees on hot button policy issues, labour and employment panel says"

Labour and employment concerns can run the gamut, from cannabis and harassment in the workplace, to culture, compliance and employee suicide. Perspectives on how to handle these hot button topics were shared by a panel of in-house and external counsel...


Inna Koldorf is interviewed on the legalities of hiring workers in Canada

For growing businesses, Canada presents some attractive prospects and plenty of potential opportunities. But, while there are similarities in employment law between the US and Canada, it’s important to be able to navigate the differences compliantly to avoid penalties. PGC’s...


Sexual Harassment and Intimidation at Work are “Not Connected to Employment”, Court Finds

In a decision that employers should find troubling, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice recently noted that sexual harassment, intimidation and other “improper conduct” at work are not connected to employment and are therefore not covered by a full and...


Canada Tables First Federal Accessibility Legislation

Following in the footsteps of Ontario, Manitoba and Nova Scotia, the federal government recently introduced the Accessible Canada Act (the “Act”), aimed at bringing down barriers in federal organizations for individuals with disabilities. The new Act defines “barriers” to include...


Employee of Independent Contractor? Recent Trends in the Classification of Workers

Canadian Consulting Engineer

Canadian workplaces have gone through significant changes in the last two decades. The rapid development of technology has caused the traditional bricks-and-mortar workplace, which was most common in the past, to morph into various non-traditional spaces. Likewise, workplace relationships today...


Then Now Next: Ontario Government Introduces Pay Transparency Legislation

Only weeks after the new amendments to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“ESA”) and their focus on precarious employment  came into effect, the Ontario government introduced a new bill aimed at increasing pay transparency. Bill 203, the Pay Transparency  Act,...