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Spoliation: Destruction of evidence has litigation consequences

Aside perhaps from perjury, no act serves to threaten the integrity of the judicial process more than the spoliation of evidence. Our adversarial process is designed to tolerate human failings — erring judges can be reversed, uncooperative counsel can be...


The scope of non-debtor third party releases between the U.S. and Canada: A distinction with a difference

Introduction The chapter 11 proceedings of Purdue Pharma (“Purdue”), the pharmaceutical giant responsible for the manufacturing of the powerful narcotic painkiller OxyContin, have been closely followed by insolvency practitioners around the globe, as well as policy makers and members of...


Levelling the playing field: The rise of litigation funding in Canada

The prohibitively high cost of litigation is arguably one of the main barriers to access to justice in Canada. As in many other legal markets, the soaring cost of legal fees has created an impediment to even well resourced parties...