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Application of the Minimum Performance Principle in Determining Damages for Breach of Contract

The Court of Appeal for Ontario’s decision in Atos IT Solutions v Sapient Canada Inc.[1] highlights the utility of a termination for convenience clause in defining a breaching party’s minimum contractual obligation in the event of a wrongful termination for...


International Comparative Legal Guide to: Construction & Engineering Law 2018

William Kenny and Leanna Olson, with contributions from Fergus Schappert, Andréanne Sansoucy, Nick Willis and Haley Edmonds, authored the Canada chapter in the International Comparative Legal Guide to: Construction & Engineering Law 2018. This publication covers common issues in construction and engineering...


FIDIC Yellow Book Update – What’s New?

The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (“FIDIC”) is an international standards organization for consulting, engineering and construction, which publishes standard form contracts between employers (owners) and contractors that are often considered to be the preferred contracts for use on international...


International Comparative Legal Guide to Construction & Engineering Law 2016

William Kenny and Leanna Olson authored the chapter for Canada in this guide covering issues in construction and engineering laws and regulations for a number of jurisdictions, with contributions from Fergus Schappert and Andréanne Sansoucy. Read the chapter.