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What triggers the running of a limitation period in Alberta? The applicability of Grant Thornton LLP v. New Brunswick

Last year, in Grant Thornton LLP v. New Brunswick, 2021 SCC 31, the Supreme Court of Canada clarified the law on discoverability of a civil claim under New Brunswick’s limitation legislation. This ruling has significant impacts on defining the start...


Environmental Law 2021: Trends & Developments

Bryan Buttigieg, Adina Georgescu, Darin Hannaford and Christie McLeod co-author the Trends & Developments – Canada chapter in the Chambers and Partners Environmental Law 2021 Global Practice Guide. The chapter highlights current national developments on trending topics like climate change,...


Alberta’s new impaired driving laws

The Provincial Administrative Penalties Act (the “Act”) came into force on December 1, 2020. The Government of Alberta has stated the purpose of the Act is to simplify its existing impaired driving programs and strengthen its impaired driving laws. The...


Legal Road Map for Carriers, Shippers and Others

CITT National Symposium for Supply Chain and Logistics Professionals

CITT Reposition 2010, (CITT National Symposium, October 27-29, 2010)