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Contesting a Will – overview

This posting provides an overview of some common grounds on which to challenge a Will. Each of the topics mentioned in this post is worthy of a separate, more in-depth article, and we will keep updating this article with the...


Executor compensation – part 2: How does an executor properly take compensation?

In Part 1 of this series on executor compensation, we looked at what is an appropriate amount for an executor to receive in compensation for their work for the Estate. In this post, we look at the proper method for...


Executor compensation – part 1: How much?

Generally speaking, an executor of an Estate will be entitled to some amount of compensation for their time and effort. Unfortunately, the specific amount of compensation has the potential to become a contentious issue. The beneficiaries may feel that the...


Challenging a Will based on undue influence

A Will is not valid if it is the result of “undue influence”, but what exactly does that mean? Before going to court to challenge a Will on this basis, it is important to look closely at what exactly qualifies...


What is probate?

Many people are confused by the term “probate”. They likely know it is connected to Wills in some way, but they do not know exactly what it is, and why it is required. In essence, “probate” refers to the process...


What if an estate has been mismanaged?

Beneficiaries of an Estate are sometimes concerned that an Estate Trustee may be mismanaging Estate assets in one way or another. When this happens, open and frank communication between the Estate Trustee and the beneficiaries can often go a long...