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Many Canadians Collect Loyalty Points, but What Happens to Those Loyalty Points After We Pass Away?

In most cases, loyalty points will not be subject to the deemed disposition on death found in subsection 70(5) of the Income Tax Act (Canada) because they are unlikely to be capital property. There is no “enduring benefit” gained from...


House “Giveaway” Could Turn Principal Residence Gain Into Taxable Business Income

In a recent news story out of Millarville, Alberta, a woman who has been unable to sell her home has instead decided to give it away in a letter writing contest. The woman is required to downsize because she can...


(Re:) Toigo Estate and the Power of Encroachment

When implementing an estate plan that involves a life interest, such as a spousal trust, it is typical to grant the Trustee a power to encroach on the capital of the trust for the benefit of the life interest beneficiary....