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CSA enhances regulation of unregistered crypto asset trading platforms

On February 22, 2023, the Canadian Securities Administrators (the “CSA”) published Staff Notice 21-332: Crypto Asset Trading Platforms: Pre-Registration Undertakings Changes to Enhance Canadian Investor Protection (the “Staff Notice”), which marks another positive step towards clarity in regulation of the...


2022 Year in Review – legal updates in Canadian marketing, advertising and product compliance

2022 proved to be an interesting year in the advertising, marketing and product compliance space in Canada. From changes to labelling requirements for foods and natural health products, amendments to Canada’s Competition Act to address drip pricing, an increased focus...


LBRY decision spells warning for blockchain developers

The United States District Court of New Hampshire recently released its decision in Securities and Exchange Commission v. LBRY, Inc.[1] This case carries significance for blockchain communities in that it is the first successful enforcement action by the SEC against...


What exactly are carbon tokens?

In this short piece, we will examine carbon tokens: a tool of increasing relevance in the battle to address climate change. How are carbon instruments typically structured and traded? In the fight to address climate change, businesses and individuals have...


Food labelling in Canada: New Food Product Innovation initiative changes

On July 6, 2022, the Government of Canada made several changes to the Food and Drugs Regulations (“FDR”) and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (“SFCR”) (collectively referred to as the “Regulations”). These changes are the result of Canada’s Food Product Innovation...


New mandatory front-of-package nutrition symbol for certain food products in Canada

Front-of-Package Labeling Requirements On June 30th the Federal Minister of Health announced new regulations relating to a mandatory front-of-package nutrition symbol on all prepackaged foods high in sodium, sugars or saturated fat. The symbol has been introduced as a tool...


Consultation on new guidance for foods sold through e-commerce (open until July 8, 2022)

Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) are seeking feedback to inform their development of voluntary guidance for businesses when selling food and beverages to consumers through e-commerce. The guidance would relate to food information, such as labelling...


Preparing for the Metaverse: The next big thing

The rapid emergence of the Metaverse hosts a set of new wonders, curiosities, and potentially even worries. For many, it begins with asking the question – what is the Metaverse? Why are big corporations investing billions of dollars to create...


Roadmapping your new token: Key considerations in token development

This article assumes the reader has some foundational knowledge regarding blockchain technology and digital assets. Crypto assets have become wildly popular in recent years and they do not give the impression of slowing down. According to a New York Times...


New house on the block(chain)

Introduction Would you trade your home for a work of art? An art critic might consider it. But what if it wasn’t art you were trading your home for, but Bitcoin? Like artwork, Bitcoin’s value is largely dependent on the...


Protecting your Instagram account: 4 ways to keep your page open for business

Social media platforms like Instagram are an excellent tool for running an online business. However, conducting your business through Instagram raises a serious risk: account deactivation. Anyone who has experienced a mistaken Instagram account deactivation and tried to appeal it...