Aiyaz Alibhai

Partner | Vancouver


Portrait of Aiyaz Alibhai

Aiyaz Alibhai speaks on moral rights and new technologies

Aiyaz Alibhai presents “Moral Rights and New Technologies: Authorship, Attribution, and Integrity in a Digital World” at the University of Glasgow.


Aiyaz Alibhai speaks on conflict management

Aiyaz Alibhai is a presenter at MediateBC’s Managing Conflict: Root Causes, Psychology of Contract, and Empowerment event, speaking on the topic of “Learnings from Commercial Disputes: The Importance of Psychology of Contract”. The event is presented in collaboration with the Ismaili Conciliation...


Aiyaz Alibhai speaks on “Social Media Privacy Risks”

Aiyaz Alibhai presents “Social Media Privacy Risks” at Federated Press’ Managing Privacy Compliance conference. Course materials were prepared by Aiyaz and Alizeé Bilbey.


Aiyaz Alibhai moderates IP licensing webinar

Aiyaz Alibhai moderates IPIC’s webinar on “IP Licensing: Key Differences between Canada and the United States”.


Aiyaz Alibhai chairs and speaks at workplace social media course

Aiyaz Alibhai chairs and speaks on “Employer Liability for Social Media in the Workplace” at Federated Press’ HR Legal Risks course. Course Highlights: What leading HR experts from top Canadian organizations are doing to avoid liability for non-compliance in HR...


Aiyaz Alibhai speaks on ethical contracts

Aiyaz Alibhai presents “Ethical Contracts” at the Ismaili Entrepreneurship Conference.


Aiyaz Alibhai presents “Copyright and Intellectual Property”

Aiyaz Alibhai speaks on “Copyright and Intellectual Property” at Kwantlen Polytechnic University’s Ready or Not: Managing Risks in the Education Sector Conference.


Aiyaz Alibhai speaks on intellectual property rights

Aiyaz Alibhai speaks on “Managing Intellectual Property Rights in the Workplace” at Federated Press’ 5th HR Legal Risks course.