Miller Thomson was founded on Canada’s 90th birthday – July 1, 1957 – by six lawyers who decided to leave an established large firm and embark on their own adventure. Today, their namesake has grown and evolved into one of the largest law firms in Canada.  Through a series of mergers with other well-respected firms, Miller Thomson has expanded to 12 offices and close to 550 lawyers.  We cover Canada better than any other national business law firm, with deep roots in the communities where we work and live.


1858 – W.H. Bowlby opens his practice on King Street, in what would become Kitchener-Waterloo (formerly known as Berlin).


1876 – Bowlby joins with Edwin Perry Clement and Frederick Colquhoun.


1895 – Balfour Moss opens in Regina.

1898 – Robert Lachlan McKinnon begins practicing in Guelph.


1902 – John M. Kearns founds a new firm in Arthur, Ontario.

1906 – Kearns moves his firm to Guelph.


1950 – Two Guelph firms forge a partnership to become Kearns McKinnon.

1951 – A. Hans Swinton and Douglas E. Andrews open Andrews & Swinton in Vancouver.

1952 – Pouliot Mercure opens in Montréal.

1953 – Cook Duke Cox opens in Edmonton.

1957 – Miller, Thomson, Hicks & Sedgewick opens in Toronto.


1981 – Miller Thomson creates a new office in Markham, Ontario.

1981 – Balfour Moss establishes a Saskatoon office.

1987 – Cook Duke Cox opens a new office in Calgary.


1990 – Kitchener-Waterloo’s two oldest law firms —Clement, Eastman, Dreger, Martin and Meunier and Sims, McKinnon, Varey, Griggs and Trafford — merge to create Sims, Clement and Eastman.

1992 – Merger with Kingsmill Jennings (Toronto)

1993 – Merger with Wheatley MacPherson (Toronto)

1999 – Merger with Cook Duke Cox (Edmonton and Calgary)


2000 – Merger with Sawers, Liswood, Hickman, Bullivant, Dolan, Watts (Toronto)

2000 – Merger with Swinton & Company (Vancouver and Whitehorse)

2001 – Merger with Roberts & Baker (Vancouver)

2002 – Merger with Sims Clement and Eastman (Kitchener-Waterloo)

2003 – Merger with Kearns McKinnon (Guelph)

2005 – Merger with Pouliot Mercure (Montréal)

2006 – Miller Thomson establishes its London, Ontario office.

2008 – Miller Thomson celebrates 150 years of history in the Region of Kitchener-Waterloo.

2011 – Merger with Balfour Moss (Regina and Saskatoon)

2013 – Miller Thomson celebrates 115 years of history in the Guelph community.

2015 – Miller Thomson celebrates 120 years of history in Saskatchewan.

2017 – Miller Thomson opens its 12th office in Vaughan, Ontario.