Our COVID-19 preparedness and support commitment

Updated: July 10, 2020

Even after these many challenging months, it is safe to say that there remains considerable apprehension as to when and how Canada and the rest of the world will fully rebound from the damage caused by COVID-19. The pandemic has touched virtually every corner of our lives, and in ways never before experienced by many of us in this country. For Canadian businesses – large and small, it has been cause for recalibration, and as part of that process, forced their leadership to make a number of tough decisions in an effort to adapt to this new “normal”.

For Miller Thomson, it has been no different. The operational measures undertaken at our firm have been made with the goal of responding effectively to changing market conditions to ensure that our Firm remains strong to meet all of the legal needs of our clients. This is, and always will be our client and community obligation.

Back in March, we assured you that our firm would be closely monitoring developments. Now, as we cautiously continue the safe and hopefully sustained reopening over the next many weeks, of both the economy and our Miller Thomson offices, that pledge remains.

Please continue to visit our COVID-19 resources hub. It will house information intended to inform and support the host of challenging business decisions that these next phases of our new “normal” will demand of us all.

E. Peter Auvinen
Chair, Miller Thomson LLP

COVID-19 Resources

We have written on a variety of topics to help identify the pertinent issues, understand the legal implications, minimize risk exposure and manage legal obligations.