Our COVID-19 preparedness and support commitment

As the impact of COVID-19 is felt across the globe, we feel intensely our obligation to address every aspect of our operations with the goal of ensuring that our workplace, our people and our clients are safeguarded, and that we have proper protocols in place for business continuity.

Each area of our operations has been under review and out of that effort, we have introduced an extensive set of measures to mitigate any potential risk to the smooth and uninterrupted delivery of critical support to our clients and suppliers.

We have placed a short-term moratorium on all client seminars and large-scale special events that are routinely hosted on our premises. Significant restrictions have also been imposed on business travel and face-to-face meetings with both clients and firm colleagues. All of our professional staff are being encouraged to use video conferencing wherever possible, and as we view ongoing professional development as being of critical importance, educational programming will be delivered in a virtual format until further notice.

All Miller Thomson offices remain open for business at this time. However, our firm’s IT infrastructure and national teleworking policy allow for our employees to work seamlessly from home in the event that an outbreak would require a temporary office closure.

The safety and security of our employees as well as our firm’s business stability are of paramount importance. In the event of an emergency, an IT supported alert system will allow for timely and controlled communication to keep our people informed, able to react and remain safe. A confidential firm-wide visitor sign-in policy has been implemented to assist local health authorities should contact tracing be required.

Miller Thomson’s Emergency Response Team continues to work closely with our Executive Committee, and meetings are taking place daily to stay on top of breaking developments in the spread of this virus. All of the actions we are undertaking are being guided and informed by the advice of World Health Organization (WHO) and Canadian public health authorities.

It is our hope that the information provided here offers assurances to our clients, service partners and other suppliers that these precautionary steps, along with the continued proactivity of our Response Team, have a single purpose – to protect them and their business interests, as well as our employees and Miller Thomson’s operations.

E. Peter Auvinen
Chair, Miller Thomson LLP

COVID-19 Resources

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