Susan Manwaring leads workshops at 2015 CAGP Conference on Social Finance and Government Relations

Susan M. Manwaring | Toronto

2015 Canadian Association of CAGP Conference

Social Finance

This session will feature a discussion of new options for social finance including a discussion of Social Impact Bonds and recent developments at the federal level that will impact the ability of charities to invest in social initiatives and/or raise capital for their projects. These new ways of doing good, impact donors and how they want to achieve their philanthropic goals. Local charities will provide examples of how social enterprise and social finance are impacting their operations and their relationships with their donors.

Susan Manwaring LL.B., Miller Thomson LLP

Government Relations – What, Why and How

Engaging in government relations work is essential for any organization seeking to meet its mission. Join this session for a report on the CAGP Government Relations Committee’s issues of focus during the last year by Committee Chair Susan Manwaring. This will be followed by a discussion lead by Grant Monck on why you and your organization need to be involved in GR and how to make your organization ‘GR ready’. Material will be presented from the perspective of both smaller and larger organizations discussing how all charities can develop effective ways to engage governments at all levels.

Susan Manwaring LL.B., Miller Thomson LLP
Grant Monck LL.B., Strategic Fundraising consultant

Event dates

April 22, 2015