Susan Manwaring discusses “What’s New in the World of Charity Regulation” at CEGN conference

Susan M. Manwaring | Toronto

2015 Conference: Economic Opportunities and Environmental Imperatives: Building Canada’s New Economy

June 9- 11, 2015 – The Old Mill, Toronto, Ontario

Jobs or the environment? It has always been an unnecessary choice. Yet much of the debate regarding Canada’s environment and economy has been framed this way. Thankfully, the realization that a healthy environment is essential for a healthy economy is taking root and beginning to change our conversations and our actions.

The urgent need to reduce CO2 emission levels is the key imperative driving this transition, but not the only one. The economic costs of inaction on climate change and other issues are increasingly coming to the fore – sharing equal billing with news of projected environmental and social impacts. Helping to build a new economy that places a priority on smart and sustainable economic development, while also protecting Canada’s natural assets, has emerged as a critical challenge for our times.

What is the role for philanthropy in helping to build this new economy in Canada? How can philanthropy help to ensure that it respects the needs of people, planet, and place, while enabling prosperity? Where is emerging work underway and how can funders develop granting and investment strategies or retool existing approaches to contribute to solutions that achieve environmental, economic, and social outcomes in Canada?


Event dates

June 10, 2015