Sandra Gogal speaks at the Small Hydro Canada 2014 Western Summit

Sandra A. Gogal | Toronto

Sandra Gogal is speaking at the Small Hydro Canada 2014 Western Summit in Vancouver, British Columbia on April 17. Discussing the topic of “Consulting with Aboriginal Communities and Achieving Mutually Beneficial Arrangements,” her presentation will cover the below areas.

  • Welcoming perspectives from different stakeholders within one project: how it is can add value to the overall project design and build community support for development
  • Incorporating aspirations and needs of local communities in project development and procurement
  • Utilizing Early consultation efforts to build trust and mitigate potential impact on local communities and their ability to exercise aboriginal and treaty rights
  • Reviewing Canada’s endorsement of the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: what does it mean to support to support “free, informed, prior consent”
  • Incorporating free, informed prior consent in project development in a manner which meets the intent of the UN Declaration
  • Addressing past grievances as a first step in moving forward with development


Event dates

April 17, 2014