Lampros Stougiannos and Alexia Magneron speak at CanBIM Regional Session – Montreal 2018

Lampros Stougiannos, Alexia Magneron | Montréal

Lampros Stougiannos and Alexia Magneron give a seminar titled ”BIM, Blockchain and Smart Contracts” at CanBIM Regional Session – Montreal.

This presentation provides an overview of certain legal aspects surrounding BIM, Blockchain and Smart Contracts, and discusses the potential applications of these technologies in the construction industry. While the construction industry has traditionally been criticized for being too slow to innovate, the last several years have seen it embrace new business practices, new software and new technologies. The use of BIM, Blockchain and smart contracts together could disrupt not only the way construction projects are planned, designed and executed, but also transform the construction contract itself.

Event dates

April 12, 2018

Event location

Centre Mont-Royal

2200 rue Mansfield
Montreal (QC), H3A 3R8

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