Gwenyth Stadig and Adam Bata speak at Communitech Pro Squads: Board Considerations in Phase 2 of COVID-19

Adam Bata, Gwenyth Stadig | Kitchener-Waterloo

The one-hour webinar covers how Ontario is entering Phase 2 and softening the COVID-19 lockdown protocols, as well as strategies for non-profits and businesses in the Waterloo Region to navigate these changes:

  1. Phase 2 strategies for dealing with key stakeholders – how your approach to dealing with employees, contractors, investors, donors, and other third parties may change in Phase 2.
  2. Preparing for a new business environment – issues the board must grapple with to reconfigure the business in order to operate in a new risk environment.
  3. Remembering old governance practices – there is continued importance for boards to follow traditional governance rules including complying with statutory duties and an entity’s constating documents, completing due diligence on the entity’s ongoing activities, and maintaining proper records during this unique time.

Event dates

June 18, 2020

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Board Considerations in Phase 2 of COVID-19