Aaron Atcheson speaks on Environmental Considerations on Energy and Infrastructure Projects at the London Club, in association with the Ontario Bar Association.

Aaron Atcheson | London

This program will address environmental considerations relating to energy and infrastructure projects. When are federal and provincial environmental assessment requirements relevant? What has been the impact of the Green Energy Act?  When do you need a renewable energy approval and when will you be seeking a certificate of approval. Join our experienced panel of environmental lawyers and a consultant to discuss the ways in which environmental considerations affect the planning and completion of infrastructure and energy projects. One of our speakers will present the case study of the expansion of the Windsor-Detroit Ambassador Bridge, discussing specifically the environmental assessment process, and a second will review the considerations surrounding the development of wind energy projects. Numerous issues will be discussed:

  • Where do you start?
  • What is the critical legislation?
  • Will your project be subject to additional environmental legislative considerations?
  • Does your project comply with the requirements for any expedited treatment?
  • Proactive consultation on energy and infrastructure project

Event dates

June 8, 2011

Event location