Miller Thomson recognized in 2018 Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory

April 13, 2018 | Alfred Apps, Aaron Atcheson, Jennifer Babe, Catherine Bate, Todd G. Bissett, Gail P. Black, Chris T.J. Blom, Paul E. Brace, James D. Bromiley, Bryan J. Buttigieg, Judy A. Fowler-Byrne, John M. Campbell, Harold W. D. Cares, Jeffrey Carhart, Steven Chaimberg, Andy Chan, John J. Chapman, Kelly A. Charlebois, Dean J. Chenoy, Gerald D. Chipeur, Geoff Clarke, Pascale Cloutier, John A. Cross, Wendi P. Crowe, Sheila Crummey, Normand D’Amour, Enzo Di Iorio, Ryan Done, John Doolan, John K. Downing, Robert L. Duke, Jonathan F. Dyck, Sandra L. Enticknap, Andrew Etcovitch, Tamara Farber, Patricia J. Forte, William J. Fowlis, Mark R. Frederick, Helen D.K. Friedman, Guy Gilain, Rory Godinho, Sandra A. Gogal, Scott J. Hammel, Robert B. Hayhoe, Jay M. Hoffman, William J. Kenny, Michael W. Kerr, Savvas Kotsopoulos, Kate Lazier, Richard D. Leblanc, Jasmin Lefebvre, Glen Lekach, Michelle D. MacGillivray, Kyla E. M. Mahar, Susan M. Manwaring, Nathalie Marchand, Seann D. McAleese, Peter J. McArthur, Troy McEachren, Laura Mensch, Keyvan Nassiry, Robin-Lee A. Norris, Steven J. O’Melia, Nora F. Osbaldeston, Kim Ozubko, William (Bill) M. Pigott, Chantelle M. Rajotte, Lynn Ramsay, Rick T.G. Reeson, Gordon L. Robson, Rosanne T. Rocchi, Martin J. Rochwerg, James Rumball, Eva Schmieg, Kristina Shaw, Daniel C.P. Stachnik, James T. Swanson, Nawaz Tahir, Constance I. Taylor, John R. Tidball, Brian W.L. Tod, Louis-Michel Tremblay, Gillian Tuck Kutarna, Andrew Valentine, Rick Van Beselaere, Reginald A. Watson, Lawrence D. Wilder, Michael J. Wren, Joseph W. Yurkovich | Calgary, Edmonton, Guelph, Waterloo Region, London, Markham (Administration Office), Montréal, Regina, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver, Vaughan

In the recently released 2018 edition of the Canadian Legal Lexpert® Directory, 90 Miller Thomson lawyers across 35 areas of law have been recognized for their industry-leading advisory expertise.  These rankings are the culmination of an extensive annual peer review process combined with research on the people and firms whose work for their clients has continued to distinguish them throughout the year.

The directory, published annually since 1997, is the most comprehensive guide to legal talent in Canada.

Firm Ranking

We are pleased that our broad spectrum of expertise and experience has been reflected in the Lexpert rankings. In particular, Miller Thomson is acknowledged as a leading firm in following areas of practice:

  • Aboriginal Law
  • Asset Equipment Finance/Leasing
  • Banking & Financial Institutions
  • Construction Law
  • Corporate Commercial Law
  • Corporate Finance & Securities
  • Corporate Tax
  • Entertainment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Franchise Law
  • Insolvency & Financial Restructuring
  • Labour Relations
  • Litigation – Commercial Insurance
  • Litigation – Corporate Commercial
  • Mining
  • Property Development
  • Property Leasing

Individual Rankings

The following Miller Thomson lawyers are recognized as prominent practitioners in their fields of law:

Aboriginal Law

  • John Doolan, Vancouver
  • Sandra Gogal, Toronto

Advertising & Marketing Law

  • Catherine Bate, Toronto

Asset Equipment Finance/Leasing

  • Jennifer Babe, Toronto
  • Keyvan Nassiry, Montreal

Banking & Financial Institutions

  • Jennifer Babe, Toronto
  • John Cross, Edmonton
  • Jonathan Dyck, Toronto
  • Keyvan Nassiry, Montreal
  • Nora Osbaldeston, Toronto
  • Kristina Shaw, London
  • Rick Van Beselaere, Regina

Charities/Not-for-Profit Law

  • Sheila Crummey, Toronto
  • Robert Hayhoe, Toronto
  • Kate Lazier, Toronto
  • Susan Manwaring, Toronto
  • Troy McEachren, Montreal
  • Rosanne Rocchi, Toronto
  • Martin Rochwerg, Toronto
  • Gillian Tuck Kutarna, Guelph
  • Andrew Valentine, Toronto

Computer & IT Law

  • James Swanson, Calgary

Construction Law

  • Normand D’Amour, Montreal
  • Guy Gilain, Montreal
  • Scott Hammel, Edmonton
  • William Kenny, Edmonton
  • Jasmin Lefebvre, Montreal
  • William Pigott, Toronto
  • Louis-Michel Tremblay, Montreal

Corporate Commercial Law

  • Alfred Apps, Toronto
  • Todd Bissett, Waterloo
  • Paul Brace, Vaughan/Markham
  • Andy Chan, Vaughan/Markham
  • Ryan Done, London
  • Glen Lekach, Regina
  • Kristina Shaw, London
  • Brian Tod, Edmonton
  • Rick Van Beselaere, Regina
  • Joseph W. Yurkovich, Edmonton

Corporate Finance & Securities

  • Geoff Clarke, Toronto
  • Rory Godinho, Vancouver
  • Jay Hoffman, Toronto
  • Peter McArthur, Vancouver
  • Lawrence Wilder, Toronto

Corporate Mid-Market

  • Alfred Apps, Toronto
  • Jennifer Babe, Toronto
  • Lawrence Wilder, Toronto

Corporate Tax

  • William  Fowlis, Calgary
  • Joseph Yurkovich, Edmonton

Derivative Instruments

  • James Rumball, Toronto

Employment Law

  • Michelle MacGillivray, Toronto

Entertainment Law

  • Dean Chenoy, Montreal
  • Jonathan Dyck, Toronto
  • Eva Schmieg, Vancouver

Environmental Law

  • Aaron Atcheson, London
  • Bryan Buttigieg, Toronto
  • Tamara Farber, Toronto
  • John Tidball, Vaughan/Markham

Estate & Personal Tax Planning

  • Gail Black, Calgary
  • Judy Byrne, Waterloo
  • John Campbell, Toronto
  • Kelly Charlebois, Toronto
  • Wendi Crowe, Edmonton
  • Sheila Crummey, Toronto
  • Sandra Enticknap, Vancouver
  • Andrew Etcovitch, Montreal
  • William Fowlis, Calgary
  • Michael Kerr, Toronto
  • Nathalie Marchand, Montreal
  • Troy McEachren, Montreal
  • Robin-Lee Norris, Guelph
  • Rosanne Rocchi, Toronto
  • Martin Rochwerg, Toronto

Franchise Law

  • Pascale Cloutier, Toronto
  • Richard Leblanc, Toronto

Infrastructure Law

  • William Kenny, Edmonton

Insolvency & Financial Restructuring

  • Jeffrey Carhart, Toronto
  • Kyla Mahar, Toronto
  • Rick Reeson, Edmonton
  • Rick Van Beselaere, Regina

Intellectual Property

  • James Swanson, Calgary

Labour Relations

  • Seann McAleese, Toronto

Litigation – Commercial Insurance

  • Chris Blom, Toronto
  • James Bromiley, Waterloo
  • Harold Cares, Toronto
  • John Downing, London
  • Patricia Forte, Waterloo
  • Mark Frederick, Toronto
  • Helen D.K. Friedman, Waterloo
  • William Kenny, Edmonton
  • Gordon Robson, Waterloo
  • Nawaz Tahir, London

Litigation – Corporate Commercial

  • Wendy Baker, Vancouver
  • John Chapman, Toronto
  • Enzo Di Iorio, Vaughan/Markham
  • John Downing, London
  • Scott Hammel, Edmonton
  • William Kenny, Edmonton
  • Chantelle Rajotte, Vancouver

Litigation – Directors’ & Officers’ Liability

  • William Kenny, Edmonton

Litigation – Product Liability

  • William Kenny, Edmonton

Litigation – Public Law

  • Gerald Chipeur, Calgary

Litigation – Securities

  • William Kenny, Edmonton

Occupational Health & Safety

  • Daniel Stachnik, Edmonton

Pensions & Employee Benefits

  • Kim Ozubko, Toronto

Personal Injury

  • Chris Blom, Toronto
  • Robert Duke, Edmonton
  • Gordon Robson, Waterloo
  • Constance Taylor, Edmonton

Professional Liability

  • Reginald Watson, Regina

Property Development

  • Aaron Atcheson, London
  • Steven O’Melia, Waterloo
  • Lynn Ramsay, Vancouver

Property Leasing

  • Steven Chaimberg, Montreal
  • John Doolan, Vancouver
  • Savvas Kotsopoulos, Toronto
  • Lynn Ramsay, Vancouver
  • Michael Wren, Toronto

Technology Transactions

  • James Swanson, Calgary

Workplace Human Rights

  • Laura Mensch, Calgary