Miller Thomson on Estate Planning is the authoritative review of estate planning in Canada.

September 24, 2012

Written by 30 Miller Thomson lawyers from nine
offices across Canada, the two-volume review published by Carswell offers
precise, practical, up-to-date information on tax and legal issues ranging from
will and trust drafting, estate administration, family law, corporate law and
creditor proofing to the management of both large and small businesses.

Thorough and comprehensive, with provincial and
cross-border content, it is a must-have resource for estate planning matters.
Its chapters are as follows:

  1. Ownership and Succession to Property
  2. Wills and Probate Planning
  3. Trusts and their Taxation
  4. Marriage and Children
  5. Disability Planning and Powers of Attorney
  6. Tax-Deferred Plans
  7. Administration of Estates and Trusts
  8. Taxation on Death
  9. Post-Mortem Estate Planning
  10. Taxation on Real Estate and Investments
  11. Income Splitting and the Attribution of Rules
  12. Corporate Restructuring
  13. Estate Freezing
  14. Business Succession Planning
  15. Building Life Insurance into an Estate Plan
  16. Charitable Planning
  17. Emigration and Immigration
  18. International Planning
  19. U.S. Gift and Estate Tax Issues Affecting
  20. U.S. Income Tax Issues involved in Canadian Tax
    Estate Planning

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